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High Point Kombucha, LLC was born out of a love for brewing and enjoying kombucha.  Laura began homebrewing kombucha in 2014, after making many lifestyle changes due to an autoimmune condition.  It was a great beverage to substitute for soda or alcohol, and brewing it became something she looked forward to.  After moving back to her home state of Pennsylvania, the idea to start a brewery became too hard to ignore.  High Point Kombucha was officially established in 2019.

The name "High Point" lends itself to her other passion of hiking and backpacking, particularly to the top of a hill or peak.  Getting to a high point and taking in the view is an especially great feeling,  and it can be a grounding  experience that can carry into daily life. 


To feel small in the face of nature is an important perspective in life as well as with our health and what we eat.


Kombucha is a beverage made by fermenting sweetened tea with a culture of beneficial yeast & bacteria, also known as SCOBY.  The finished brew tastes tangy-sweet, is lively and effervescent, and is a natural source of probiotics, organic acids, enzymes, and antioxidants.  Kombucha contains a trace amount of alcohol as a byproduct of natural fermentation.

Anyone who is looking for a boost in  digestion, immunity, and overall gut health can benefit from kombucha.    Kombucha is an easy and tasty way to add more fermented foods to your diet.   Looking for a substitute for soda, sugary juice, or alcoholic drinks?  Kombucha is a perfect substitute, full of gut-friendly bacteria and fizz!

If you love to drink kombucha, it's also a great idea to learn to brew at home!  We will happily give you a chunk of our SCOBY in a jar, free of charge.  If you'd like to learn more about this, we are always available to help you get started.

High Point Kombucha makes 12oz cans and fills growlers in many flavors, available at the brewery's taproom, farmers markets, and small retailers.  See the "Flavors" and "Locations" pages for more information.


Our mission is simple:

Kombucha should be real, healthful, tasty, and approachable.

Kombucha is for everyone!

The best kombucha is traditionally fermented with organic, loose-leaf tea and real cane sugar. 

The most amazing flavors are made with seasonal produce, grown locally in Pennsylvania.

Glass bottles are infinitely washable and re-usable.

High Point Kombucha is committed to being a responsible member of the Lehigh Valley food community. 



High Point Kombucha strives to source as locally as possible to create flavors.  With the exception of citrus fruits, tropical fruits, and some herbs,  everything else comes from:

The Berry Farm - Kutztown

The Wonder Garden - Hellertown

Crooked Row - Orefield

Patriot Farms - Lenhartsville

Funny Farm Apiaries - Mertztown

Bleiler's Produce Patch - Breinigsville

Scholl Orchards - Bethlehem

To learn more, visit some great sources about kombucha: 

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